Thursday, April 24, 2008

Does Kindermusik Really Make You Cuter?

I can't believe we've already filled up one of our summer classes, and we're even accepting enrollments for Fall! We are grateful to have the best families ever in our program. Oh, and if you were thinking of signing up for Kindermusik but weren't sure if you should, consider this little-known fact: Only the cutest kids sign up for Kindermusik. It's true! The hundreds of kids we've had in our program have always been uncommonly cute. As a matter of fact, they are usually approximately 30% cuter by the end of their first session. Kids who stay in Kindermusik for the full seven-year program increase their cute quotient by even more - a staggering 75%!!!

Okay, so I'm making most of that up - but it is based on my experiences. Here are some facts about what Kindermusik really does for children (see the images at the bottom of this blog page..."Miss" Lindsay has not yet figured out how to format her blog properly...or how to speak in the first person, apparently...)

Taking the Plunge!

Since I spend most of my time on the computer anyway, I thought it might be nice to start a blog, especially since many of my Kindermusik families have very cool blogs. The only problem with these other people's blogs is that there is just not enough stuff about Kindermusik on them, hence my need to create a blog solely dedicated to Kindermusik.